SHA-type wire rop electric hoist

SHA-type wire rop electric hoist
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1.SHA-type wire rop electric hoist high-level work, up to M5, low noise.
2.Suit for factories, garages, wharf, power plants


SHA-type wire rop electric hoist IntroductionElectric hoist is a small light lifting equipment. Most used by people to follow the control button on the ground, or can be manipulated or used in the driver room wired (wireless) remote control. The modular design of the wire rope hoist weight from 500kg to 160,000 kg. Modular system design to ensure that our products meet the highest quality, while achieving maximum flexibility after assembly. Advanced - Electronic load monitoring device to ensure safe operation, the motor and brake control management module is to ensure the long life low wear - meet FEM standard high-grade design, high-power electric motor connected to a high sustained rate and switching frequency low maintenance - all sealed gear reducer, gearbox lubricated for life and easy maintenance - motor outside the reel for easy maintenance utility - optimized design of roll and pulley ratio, reduce rope wear durability - low maintenance, no brakes asbestos, no need to adjust.Feature1.SHA-type wire rop electric hoist high-level work, up to M5, low noise.2.Suit for factories, garages, wharf, power plants, construction sites and other places.3.Particularly suit for the restricted headroom of plant and using site, can be used to maximize the effective lifting height.Technical ParameterModel No. Lifting capacity T Lifting height M Lifting speed m/min Running speed m/min Power Kw Class Pulley ratiosh a2 1.6 6M 9M12M18M24M30M 8.0/1.3 15/5 2.5/0.37 m5 2/13.2 4.0/0.7 15/5 2.5/0.37 m5 4/1sh a3 2.5 8.6/1.4 15/5 4.9/0.8 m5 2/15 4.3/0.7 15/5 4.9/0.8 m5 4/1sh a4 6.3 10.5/1.8 15/5 10/1.6 m4 2/112.5 5.3/0.9 15/5 10/1.6 m4 4/1sh a5 12.5 6.9/1.2 15/5 12.8/2.1 m4 2/125 3.4/0.6 15/5 12.8/2.1 m4 4/1