electric hoist with wireless remote

electric hoist with wireless remote
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suitable for various occasions


Product IntroductionMini electric hoist is suitable for various occasions, The max lifting weight is 1000kgs, especially suitable for high-rise buildings from the lift heavier items. Simple structure, easy installation, small and exquisite, and use the unidirectional electric as a source of power. Miniature electric hoist in production design has reached the international standard, and to ensure the use of safety, the motor cooling fin using cast iron structure, improve the service life. Miniature electric hoist lifting speed can reach 10 m/min, and wire long initial design is 12 meters (extension may make to order), in the hook, special design advanced double set, greatly increased the miniature electric hoist lifting weight, mini electric hoist civil use 220 v power supply, especially suitable for daily civil, industrial production line, freight logistics and so on.Range of applicationMini electric hoist as a new type of electric hoist is widely used in machinery, electronics, automobile, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high and new technology industrial park is one of the modern industrial production line, assembly line, assembly machine, logistics delivery and so on. In the warehouse, dock, ingredients, hanging basket and the space is narrow work site operation, more can show its good quality. Is the column type, wall crane arm of the best matching products. Miniature electric hoist beautiful shape, reasonable structure, easy installation, the noise is small, the use of safe and reliable, so tiny electric hoist is widely used in factories, workshops, family, warehouse, hotel, shopping mall, decorate and handling, etc.Main ParameterModelUse methodRated voltageInput powerrated loadinglifting speedlifting height Packing sizeN.W/G.W (V)(W)(KG)(m)(m) (cm)(KG) ZM200Single hookAC220/230V50/60HZ4801001012238×32×2522.5/22 double hook20056 ZM250Single hook510125101223/22 double hook25056 ZM300Single hook600150101223.5/23 double hook30056 ZM400Single hook950200101245×34×2733/32 double hook40056 ZM500Single hook1020250101233.5/32.5 double hook50056 ZM600Single hook1200300101235/34 double hook60056 ZM800Single hook130040081238/37 double hook80046 ZM1000Single hook1600500812154×25×3232/31 double hook100046